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How to setup Webhooks for Custom Audience Syncing

begin setting up Custom Audience Syncing using Webhooks by:

  1. Click add Custom Audience Syncing from the Dashboard.
  2. Select the ad account you wish to use for the Custom Audience Sync.
  3. Select to either use an Existing Audience or Create Audience.
  4. Select the existing Custom Audience or name the new Custom Audience.
  5. Select Webhooks from the source dropdown.

Once you have selected Webhooks from the source Dropdown your Webhook Sync url will appear. This is the url that you will POST the email and/or phone numbers to the Custom Audience.

In order to pass the Email or Phone numbers to SyncSumo through the Webhook, there are four possible labels that are accepted:

  • email
  • emailhash*
  • phone
  • phonehash*

The webhook POST must also be sent over in JSON format.

*emailhash and phonehash are to be used in the case that you are wishing to send the Email addresses or Phone numbers in a secured manner. This usually is done when you are sending from a custom system.

If you are using a custom POST we suggest using this php snippet. Download Here. webhook, custom audience
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